How Ekanbans Optimize Your Material Replenishment Process

When companies think about Kanban, the image of a Kanban board and Kanban cue cards often come to mind. This simple lean manufacturing scheduling system summarizes workflow on a board, showing individual steps required to complete a given project, work, or operation. The Kanban board is the repository for the Kanban cards. The board outlines … Continued

5S Guide – A lean manufacturing tool

5S, a continuous improvement methodology widely recognized as a building block of lean manufacturing. 5S spearheaded the rise of just-in-time (JIT), a supply chain management and lean manufacturing process that minimizes waste while maximizing efficiencies.

Kaizen Event: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

When manufacturers need to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, shorten lead times, and eliminate waste, they turn to the well-established continuous improvement methodology known as Kaizen. The word is Japanese for improvement, yet this one word means so much to those who adopt its principles.   So, how does Kaizen work, its methodologies, and how does this … Continued