Flexpipe parts cutting service

Flexpipe linear cut service

Do more with less! Your Flexpipe parts cut and shipped at an advantageous rate

You don’t have the tools in house to cut your Flexpipe material? Or, the order volume is not large enough to justify the purchase of a stationary band saw? This is the opportunity to take advantage of our cutting service.

Spend less time cutting, and more time producing, whatever you produce!

Flexpipe cutting service

Quick and sharp cuts on request

Each cut piece is carefully identified and packaged to make your job easier. We cut according to your bill of material. Follow the instructions below to know how to do it.


How it works

Depending on your needs, we offer a linear cut, and a surface cut. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Determine your cut list - 4 easy ways suggested below.
  2. Purchase your Flexpipe items online.
  3. Select the amount of cuts needed.
  4. Upload your document (Flexpipe template) at the checkout step,
    1. or send us your bill of material list at order@flexpipeinc.com along with your Flexpipe order number.



4 easy ways to determine your cutting list

  1. Online Cut Optimizer: In order to maximize your cuts, we found an online cut optimizer. This tool allows you to calculate cut lengths as well as quantities, while minimizing unwanted waste material. OptiCutter offers a free linear cutting list and a free sheet cut list optimizer. (Video: 0:10)
  2. Flexpipe Creator: Did you know that SketchUp 3D drawing software allows you to upload a cut file (BOM) when you have finished the design? (Video: 1:53)
  3. Manually: Simply indicates your desired cutting list in a document (Excel, Word, PDF, etc.) using the following Flexpipe template as inspiration. (Video: 3:32)
  4. From Flexpipe photo gallery: We offer free plans through our photo gallery. Hit the button Get the plan to access step-by-step assembly instructions and cut list of the Flexpipe materials. (Video: 4:17)


What does it cost?

Linear cuts are detailed at $1 per cut, and surface cuts are detailed at $5 per cut.

Flexpipe decking cut service


What type of items do you offer the cutting service to?

For linear cut (*MOD-VC):

-All Flexpipe tubes
-USM and LSM aluminum mouldings and guides
-R40-RT96 and R85-RT96 conveyor rails and conveyor guides R40-GUIDE / R40-CGUIDE / R40-SGUIDE


For surface cut (*MOD-VCDECK):

-All the HDPE surfaces: D-HDPEW-481/2 / D-HDPEW-481/4 / D-HDPEB-481/2 / D-HDPEB-481/4
-HDPE perforated panel surface (Pegboard): D-PEGW-481/4
-Thermoplastic sheet (Plexiglass®): D-PLEXY-1/8
-Foam sheet (Crosslink et Ethafoam®): CF-463/4-4LBS / CF-461/8-4LBSEF-491-2LBS
-Aluminum composite surface (KomAlu®): D-ALUW-481/8


Additional information

  • Do you want to keep your leftovers? Let us know, and we’ll ship them to you with your order.
  • Do you need assistance? Do not hesitate to contact us at order@flexpipeinc.com!
  • Service available in Canada only. Coming to the US within the next months!

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