6 essential personality traits of the ideal assembler

Now that you have determined the people most suited to building your Flexpipe structures, here’s a list to help you choose the perfect candidate according to their primary personality traits.

The factor which will most influence the success of your project is the personality of the individual or the team who is assembling the structure. Please note that there’s no precise order to this list. The more characteristics the chosen assembler has amongst it, the higher your project’s success rate!

Haven’t yet chosen the best people to assemble your modular system? First, take a moment to read our article on eight most likely people for an in-house assembly.

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1 – Be Creative

Customized modular structures; a significant asset for efficiency

Be Creative

Modular systems, such as Flexpipe, mainly need creative assemblers to be fully effective. This attribute is most useful during kaizen events, but also when creating custom-made structures.

Remember that tube and joint systems are used to build all kinds of structures suited to various needs. The goal is to create a structure that you couldn’t find in a store.


2 – Have a clear and straightforward perspective

The design’s simplicity is key!

straightforward perspective

Flexpipe structures need to be simple, economical, and easy to test before implementation. The best designs can solve complex problems thanks to their simplicity and flexibility. This is one of the modular system’s most significant advantages.

We can, therefore, establish a parallel to the KISS principle, which means “Keep it simple, stupid.” This principle aims to eliminate any unnecessary complexity whenever possible when designing the structures.


3 – Be skillful and resourceful

Think outside the box

Be skillful and resourceful

Although Flexpipe parts are easy to cut and assemble, complex manipulations can be needed. That said, we recommend using the person with the best skill set for this job. The use of specific tools may be necessary.

We believe that most individuals can assemble the Flexpipe system, with the help of a single training session on which tools to use. To find out more, read our articles Top 4 tools for cutting and Top 5 tools for assembling to determine the most appropriate tool for your project.


4 – Be ingenious

Knowing how to push back the limits

Be ingenious

The Flexpipe system offers a multitude of accessories to customize your structures and maximize their potential. A skilled assembler will find what he or she needs to complete his project.

You may need more than pipes and joints to complete a project, however. Whether you choose to use a whiteboard, foam protectors, fasteners, or supports of any kind, the possibilities are just about endless!


5 – Have a lean mindset

An adapted work environment designed to be effective and ergonomic

lean mindse

You don’t need to be a six sigma black belt professional to have a lean mindset! Knowing the basic concepts of lean production will help you optimize the structures of your modular system.

An ideal assembler should have assimilated 5S techniques beforehand.



6 – Be constant and committed

A stable workforce with high potential for adaptability

Be constant and committed

The use of tubes and connectors is a gradual process and requires continuous improvement. It’s also worth noting that there’s a significant learning curve when it comes to designing and assembling various structures of the system. The assembly of each new type of structure is sure to make an assembler proud!

This person should also be able to adapt and improve the initial structures. Keep in mind that assembling structures should not be a temporary assignment that comes to an end when the training session is over nor when the assembler is called back to the production line.


The best of the best

Modular systems are simple, customizable, and progressive. The person responsible for the design and assembly should primarily reflect the same characteristics as the product itself. An engaged assembler will be more likely to design the best structures according to your project and improve them over time.

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