Everything you need to know about our modular system starter kits

First time are you using modular systems? Well then, a kit is the best way to ease your team into using this type of equipment because all the parts and examples of plans are already included. Read on for more detailed information about this kit and all the pieces included.

Who should use starter kits?

You’ve done your due diligence and have finally gotten approval to buy Flexpipe equipment. Your team and management are on board, but now you’re racking your brain trying to figure out which parts you need to order and which structures the team must build. Flexpipe’s starter kits are going to make your job a whole lot easier. We know time is money; let us help you save on both.

What’s included

Based on our experience and that of our customers, we’ve created each starter kit in such a way that it contains the parts and their corresponding unit count, most commonly used to build various types of structures. We ensure that there is a proper ratio of units (i. e.: screws, connectors, and tubes) so you’re not stuck with unnecessary leftover parts. Depending on the structure you want to build, we supply you with its essential components (such as conveyors for flow racks, for instance). We also include up to 7 structural plans if you want to get a head start on assembling your structures.

Parts selected

For new customers, one of our project managers can assist you in designing the structures to meet your specific needs. From there, one of our draftspeople can create two 3D plans for you. Once the plans are approved, the parts list is updated to make sure all the units to build the customized structures are part of the kit. Additionally, all tubes come with information relating to their cut length. This will make assembling the first few structures much easier.


A starter kit is a terrific way to learn the ropes on how to use a modular system because no pre-assembled tube-and-joint structures are available for purchase. Skip having to design plans; you can start building the structures right away! Gone are the headaches of making sure that you and your team have all the necessary parts. Our goal is to ensure that learning to use our system is as easy as possible. With the purchase of any starter kit, you will get the ultimate starter box, which includes all tips and tools needed to get started as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

The possibilities of a starter kit

If you want to improve your production floor’s operations, personalizing the equipment your employees use to fits their needs is a win-win for efficiency, budgetary, and ergonomic concerns. With a modular system, the structures can be easily and quickly improved upon, and as often as necessary. Whether it be adjusting their height, size, or adding a turntable, shelves, drawers, or shadow boards, adaptability is vital here, and that’s precisely what Flexpipe pipe and joint systems deliver.

With a starter kit, you’ll be able to build 4 or 5 sizeable structures. We recommend you start by creating a structure that is not too complex. Remember, even a simple project can have a considerable impact on operations!



Once you’ve placed your order, our customer service team will contact you to confirm which color you would like the tubes to be. What’s more, should you want to alter the list of parts, we’ll be happy to make the necessary changes.

Choose colors


Need help building your first structure? Your team can take advantage of training sessions at Flexpipe’s headquarters—free of charge! If you prefer, our assembly experts can carry out the training for your facilities. To get the basics down pat while in practice, a starter kit is essential.


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