Modular cart assembly tips

We have gathered 5 assembly tips for modular carts regarding casters, handles, recommended heights and more. These are some unwritten rules to follow for building fully efficient modular carts.

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  1. How many rows of casters are needed - casters position - #1 (October 2017)

    How Many Casters Needed

    The distance between two casters should ideally not exceed 48″ and should be greater than 24″.

    For larger carts more than 48″ long, add two wheels to the center of the cart. Otherwise, the pipes could bend under weight.

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  2. Fix or swivel - casters position - #2 (November 2017)

    Fix or Swivel Casters

    For a fully efficient cart, swivel and fix casters position is very important.

    For carts longer than 72″, swivel casters are at both ends of the cart and the fixed casters are at the center.

    For carts shorter than 72″, the two rows of swivels casters are in the middle and at the end of the cart – where the handles are. The fix ones are at the opposite end.

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  3. Rod or plate-mounted - casters position - #3 (December 2017)

    Rod or Plate-Mounted Wheels

    It’s preferable to use 6″ casters or more in diameter when carts goes outside, uses ramps or are used on damaged floors.

    We use rod wheels on narrow carts that does small trips, weight less than 400 pounds and that are unfrequently used.

    We use plate-mounted wheels for larger carts that does longer trips at high frequency uses with heavy loads.

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  4. The maximum height - cart dimension - #4 (January 2018)

    Maximum Height for Carts

    It’s advisable not to exceed 60″ in height in order to ensure that the driver has sufficient visibility for a safer work floor.

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  5. Handles position - cart dimension - #5 (February 2018)

    Cart Handles Position

    The height of the handles may vary.

    For a horizontal handle, the heights range is from 36″ to 44″.For the best grip, the handle must be at least 20″ long.

    Vertical handles are generally positioned between 36″ and 51″ in height.

    To avoid excessive loads on the shoulders, the distance between the handles should not exceed 18″.

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  6. Surfaces and shelves for cart - #15 (December 2018)

    Cart Top Surfaces and Shelves

    You can use HDPE surfaces for your cart shelves and surfaces.

    The 1/4 -inch HPPE can be screwed directly into the tube, while the 1/2-inch HDPE must be screwed through one or the other following accessories:

    1. Single pipe clamp AO-EMT1
    2. Double pipe clamp AO-EMT2

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