How to build drawers and be more efficient

We can all agree that organizing increases productivity. Many types of industries can benefit from the integration of modular drawers. Drawers create a well-organized lean manufacturing workspace that can optimize space. They are a great solution for parts and product management. Fully customizable, they have become essential for any business wishing to increase storage while reducing the footprint.

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Here are a few of the many industries that can benefit from the use of modular drawers:

  • Aerospace – Aviation calls for absolute protection of valuable parts. Safely store these parts incorporating drawers into your pipe and joint structures.
  • Automotive – Avoid the hassle of always looking for tools by creating a system where everything has a place, and everyone knows where to find it.
  • Packaging – Regardless of the product, there will always be equipment, materials and or parts of different sizes that will need storage, make it efficient and well organized.

Benefits of using drawers:

  • Protection while transporting
  • Easy access
  • Customizable storage solutions
  • Comfort and ergonomics
  • Inventory management

Tips to remember:

  • Determine what it is intended for, to evaluate the space needed
  • Think ergonomics, consider heights
  • If using multiple drawers, use labels to identify
  • Prioritize top drawer, reserve for tools or parts that are the foundation of the task
  • Use dividers to micro-organize drawer space



What you need to complete the project

  1. Define what type of drawer and surface to use

    Box Drawer:

    We recommend using a 1/2″ HDPE plastic surface or thicker when building box drawers

     Pipe and Joint Drawer:

    If using a thin surface such as 1/4″ HDPE surface with this setup, make sure to add enough support in the middle of your drawer frame

  2. Choose drawer slide and accessories

    Our standards are ACCURIDE Full-Extension 14″ 20″ and 24″ lengths
    Full-extension allows drawer to open the full length of the slide, allowing for greater access

    FL-COU-U: slide bracket to stabilize drawers on pipe and joint structure

    F-A85/8: Self-tap metal screw to fix drawer slides to structure

    F-S81/2: Screw used to fix guide rail to drawer sides

    F-SF81: Screw used to assemble box drawer

    AO-SHIM: to level any surface


    Helpful Videos:




    Download the Standard Drawer Slide Installation PDF here 


  3. Take it to the next level

    Learn how to draw in Sketch-Up using the Flexpipe Creator Extension:

    Take advantage of our Extension and draw like the pros!

    Download the How To Draw PDF of the HDPE drawer 



    Download the How To Draw PDF of the Pipe and Joint drawer


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