Proper Floor Marking: The Smart (And Cheap) Way To Improve Efficiency


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Though they are perhaps the single most cost-effective means of boosting a facility’s safety and efficiency, high-visibility floor markings rarely get the respect they deserve, and companies that do the bare minimum necessary to meet OSHA requirements are doing themselves a grave disservice. Proper, high-visibility floor markings allow employees to find tools and materials as needed while preventing accidents caused by people being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That translates to less waste, improved morale, and increased profits.

Our guide offers a brief primer on the benefits of smart, original floor marking, examines some typical applications, and even provides hints on how to choose the floor marking method that’s right for your facility. If you own a warehouse that sees very little traffic, simple floor paint may be the correct answer for you. If, however, your facility sees a lot of forklift traffic, we’d recommend you look into a more durable, long-lasting solution, such as SafetyTac® industrial floor tape made from PVC material. Not only will this heavy tape last for years, but you won’t have to worry about it getting scuffed and turning into a tripping hazard.

The key to a compelling visual workplace is visuals that are intuitive and readily available. Creative floor marking is the easiest way to accomplish this often-overlooked task, and our guide can set you on the right path toward building a safe, efficient workplace.


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