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Flexpipe’s training sessions are intended for lean manufacturers across North America. During this 2-workshop that is free of charge, your team members will learn how to use the Flexpipe system, so they start properly assembling parts.

Free from work-related distractions, future Flexpipe designers and assemblers will completely immerse themselves in an environment where modular structures are everywhere: even in the kitchen! They’ll be able to put their creative skills to use, and confidently learn how to build structures that are safe and study.

We strive to provide relevant and concise information about the Flexpipe system, so its integration in your business is as smooth as possible.

Please read below for an overview of our training sessions. We will cover the following:


At the end of the training, your team members should be able to:

  • Analyze a situation and find a creative solution with the Flexpipe system
  • Learn how to use more than 170 Flexpipe parts and maximize their potential
  • Design and draw structures by hand
  • Calculate loading capacity and learn various bracing techniques
  • Assemble a structure
  • Know which tools and equipment are required
  • Design and draw structures with Sketchup 3D software


What’s the training schedule?

During the training, you will assemble a project for your company. The only fee is to buy the material required for this project. Here is the training schedule in detail:


Module 1 – Presentation of the modular system (8:00 to 9:00 AM)

  1. Introduction to the Flexpipe system
  2. Establishing participants’ expectations
  3. Showcase Flexpipe structure picture library
  4. Overview of the system’s primary components
  5. Required tools

Module 2 – Introduction on how to assemble (9:00 to 10:00 AM)
Participants will learn how to assemble the Flexpipe Cube.

Module 3 – Hand sketch and manual design (10:00 AM to 12:00 PM)

  1. Cutting rules
  2. Bracing techniques
  3. ISO sheet
  4. Calculating the bill of material
  5. Website technical information

Free lunch – hosted by Flexpipe (12:00 to 12:30 PM)

Module 4 – Assembling your project (12:30 PM to 4:00 PM)
Participants will begin assembling the frame of their structures while the trainer shares practical tips to make the process easier.


Module 5 – Assembling your project (8:00 AM to 12:00 PM)
Participants will finish the assembly they began the day before.

Free lunch – hosted by Flexpipe (12:00 to 12:30 PM)

Module 6 – 3D computer design of standardized structures

  1. Flexpipe’s Creator Plugin
  2. Cutting rules specifications
  3. Designing a real project

you’re welcome to leave after lunch if you don’t intend on using our software.


Who should attend?

To make the integration of this new system easier, you’ll want to involve, and get as many people as possible on board. That way, everyone will be on the same page.

  • maintenance workers
  • continuous improvement specialists
  • manufacturing engineers
  • project managers
  • tool designers
  • creative employees!

More information:

Be sure to read these two articles before selecting the session’s attendees.

How much does it cost and what’s included?

The training session is free of charge. You only need to cover your traveling costs and that of the material used to build your project.


What material do I need?

We recommend a starter kit as your first project. These kits include the most commonly used parts to build specific structures. Our starter kits can be purchased online.

More information:
Here’s everything you need to know about our starter kits.


Who does the training?

Esteban Solano
Esteban has assembled more than 250 Flexpipe structures. A woodworker by trade, Esteban channeled his resourcefulness and built his home from the ground up! Originally from Costa Rica, Esteban grew up in Florida where he studied industrial design. Esteban speaks English, Spanish and French fluently, and he has garnered work experience in several countries.


How soon can I attend a training session?

Check out the next available dates in our online training calendar. Training is offered in English and French alternately each month.

If the dates do not fit your schedule or if you are more than 4 people, please send an email to your project manager, and we will try to accommodate you.


How should I prepare?

Don’t worry, no homework or studying is involved before the training. We’ve made sure our training is easy and worry free!


What are the directions to Flexpipe’s offices?

We are located 45 minutes from downtown Montreal; here are the driving times from surrounding airports to our facility:

  • Montreal (Quebec) (YUL) – 55 minutes
  • Burlington (Vermont) (BTV) – 80 minutes
  • Plattsburgh (New York) (PBG) – 90 minutes

Our address is:
1355 Magenta Est, Farnham, Quebec, Canada, J2N 1C4

Here are some hotels we recommend for your stay during the training:
The Hotel Alt Quartier DIX30, which is 35 minutes away from Flexpipe headquarters and 25 minutes away from the Montreal Airport (YUL).

The Domaine Château Bromont, which is 30 minutes away from Flexpipe headquarters. Use the promotional code: flexpipe to have a preferential rate.

that we offer free shuttle service from both of the hotels to the training center.


How do I book a training session?

The booking process can easily be done online. Here are the steps:

  1. Review calendar availability and book online.
  2. A project manager will then contact you to talk about the project you would like to build during the training.
  3. Bring your steel toe boots—and your creativity!

More information:
if you need help, please contact the project manager from your area.

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