Your production floor organized faster and at a reasonable cost

We certainly know about the importance of having the best equipment to maximize a production floor’s efficiency and ensuring employees are working in a safe, ergonomic manner. Manufacturing is a serious business, and we are fully committed to helping you achieve your productivity goals. We strive to do everything we can to make the process of integrating a modular material handling system as simple as possible for you.

Please read on to learn the six ways we can assist you or find alternate solutions to any constraints you might have.

We ship orders within 24 hours on Business days
3 500
We have designed over 3 500 assembly plans within the last 5 years
11 400
We assembled over 11 400 structures within the last five years
More economical in average than our competitors

Why flexpipe

Running on a tight budget? We give you more for your money.

Flexpipe offers the best value for your money in all North America, meaning that you’ll get more pipe and joint material for your budget than you get with any other vendor. That means that you’ll be able to finish your project at a lesser cost.

Wondering about the quality of our parts? Ask for a free sample and see for yourself why we stand behind our products and their versatility!

Tight deadline? We keep our promises.

As a manufacturer ourselves, we know how important deadlines and commitments are. We are the fastest shipping modular supplier in North America: we ship parts within 24 hours during business days from Memphis TN – The American Logistics and Transportation City. For Canadian orders, we ship from our warehouse located on Montreal’s South Shore.

We will supply a tracking number to make sure the parts will be there on time for your project.

No time to place an order? We speed up the process.

We know how complicated and time-consuming it can be to open an account or submit a PO. We simplify the purchasing process by providing such tools as cart sharing, order status, tracking numbers, quick re-order pad, online invoicing—and we accept PO or credit cards online!

If you have any questions, our online customer service agents are available during extended business hours.

Need help with design? We can teach you.

We think that you and your floor team are the ideal people to find solutions and improve your material handling system and floor layout. Our project managers can help you generate ideas for structures, clarify and confirm them. We have designed over 3,500 plans and assembled more than 11,400 structures over the five last years. We are more than happy to share our library of pictures and proven plans with you!

Our project managers can also help you design robust structures. In addition to assisting you online, they can share their expertise in supplying a step-by-step assembly plan.

Do not hesitate to contact the project manager in your area if you have questions or to send your project request sheet.

Major projects with a tight deadline? We can give you a hand.

We can also help with critical projects by designing and assembling structures for you. Carrying out a Kaizen Blitz, moving to a new facility, or implementing a new line often involves tight deadlines and limited resources.

We can work together, meet you on-site, and supply a turn-key project to make sure materials are ready when needed.

Looking for a particular part? Tell us which one and for what purpose.

As a lean manufacturer ourselves, we try to limit our parts quantity to the essential. We have realized that a supply of 150 different parts is enough to assemble almost any structure. We keep in stock only what you need! We also suggest a list of approved vendors to help you with special requests.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, contact us to place a special order or to find a workaround.

Visit our plant using our telepresence robot

From your home/office/sofa/bed/kitchen table…

Flexpipe is delighted to let you visit his Plant in the comfort of your home/office. The telepresence robot provides a revolutionary solution in overcoming the restrictions of the actual situation due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Book your visit now!