Add-on accessories and products

Here are some add-on accessories and products that might interest you in completing your structures. We have been using these suppliers when building structures, and we feel comfortable referring them to you because of their service, lead time, price, or their particular product.


Next Generation - Protective surface solutions to reduce damage related to the handling of parts

Next Generation offers protective surface solutions to reduce damage related to the handling of parts. We also design innovative products for parts producers, material handling system manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


Osaap America

Osaap America is a Flexpipe supplier of custom foam amazing custom shadow boards made from foam and foam accessories. This company makes incredible products that are often used as add-on products to Flexpipe structures notably for workstations, racks, and boards.

10 Kidder Road Unit 4
Chelmsford, Maine,
01824, United States


MCMASTER - Industrial supplies and hardware

Most of our clients already use MCMASTER because they distributed the largest variety of industrial supplies and hardware. If you are looking for a unique fastener, they should have it! We like them because you can buy online, products are in stocks, shipping is fast, and you can often download a 3D step file to incorporate into your design.


Global Industrial - Plastic totes and industrial supplies

Global Industrial carries over 800,000 industrial and material handling products. We use them for anything from monitor screens to slip-resistant tape, but mainly they have plastic totes and binsin all sizes and colors. We like them because pricing is very competitive and their website is great especially the list feature for project management.


RICHELIEU - Decorative hardware and rails

Richelieu offers 110,000 functional and decorative hardware products. We use them to supply components on workstations such as slide rails, hinges, and finishing products such as handles and caps. We like them because they have multiple warehouses within North America, good service, and a website that provides a great buying experience.


Creative Safety Supply

Creative Safety Supply specializes in visual safety. They help their customers create a safer, more efficient workplace using visual tools such as floor marking tapes, signs, labels, 5S & Lean products, and safety merchandise.


Visual Work Place - Signage and floor marking

Based in Michigan, Visual Work Place specializes in visual management, more precisely signs, floor marking, and vinyl. We like them for their active webinar, the simplewebsite, and the mobile in-house sign shop they offer, making the client self-sufficient.


Triton Products - 5S boards

Based in Ohio, Triton Products is an industry leader for 5S board storage system. The company innovates continually with storage board products, such as Duraboard, Locboard, and Stainless board. We like them for their durable polypropylene (plastic) pegboard and their magnetic 5S board system.


OSAAP America - 5S foam cutouts

Based in Massachusetts, Osaap America utilizes a unique CAD/CAM process for Shadow Board and Foam inlay design and manufacturing. Take a picture of your product, upload it with the free software, and send it for cutting. We like them because they make it easy for our customers to have professional-looking 5S workstations or kitting carts.


Industrial Andons - Visual control and management

Based in Texas, Industrial Andons helps you implement and improve visual control systems. We like them because Bob Wilson, the founder of Industrial Andons, LLC, has an extensive background in a variety of industries. He has worked at both Toyota’s and Ford’s top plants in the world, and he knows everything about Andons and the requirements for this lean implementation product.