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If you want to implement, design and assemble the modular system in your plant, the Flexpipe Training Center Flexpipe is the best solution to save time and get you started on the right foot. To be fully effective, training is given at Flexpipe plants.

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Flexpipe offers two types of training at no cost: During fabrication/design training, you will assemble a structure, learn how to design and draw projects by hand and you will leave the training center with technical knowledge and many creative ideas to implement Kaizen projects. During the advanced computer-assisted design training, you will learn how to draw 3D modular structures quickly with specialized software that will be provided afterward. Clients are invited to follow both training sessions one after the other if they wish.

1- Fabrication/Design training:

– Take a look at proven structure plans and pictures of modular solutions based on what you are planning to build.

– Learn how to use more than 170 Flexpipe parts and how to be creative with them.

– Design and draw structures by hand.

– Calculate loading capacity and learn different bracing techniques.

– Assemble a project while learning tips and assembling techniques in real time.

– How to integrate the modular system in the given industry.

– Learn the tools needed, request management, space needed, etc

2- Advanced computer-assisted design training*:

– Design and draw structures by hand.

– Calculate loading capacity, learn bracing techniques and create BOM.

– Design structures with 3D special software.

– Complete structures with 3D special software.

– See proven 3D structures library.

*Design training is intended for people with modular assembly experience or following the fabrication training. It is recommended to have experience with 3D design software such as Catia, Solidworks, Inventor, Solidedge etc…

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