Flexpipe telepresence robot

In April 2020, Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated our telepresence robot project. To facilitate communication with clients and to ease teleworking, Flexpipe uses telepresence robots in our assembly facility in Farnham, QC, and our distribution center in Atlanta, GA.

How does the telepresence robot works?

It is possible to be able to take control of the robot at any time or to have restricted access according to a given time slot. The robot is controlled from a URL in Chrome or via an application (app) on a smartphone or tablet. Piloting can be done with the arrows, the mouse, or with your finger for mobile devices.

Why Flexpipe is using it?

  • Flexpipe uses robots for the following purposes:
  • Showing our showroom factory to potential customers.
  • Allowing customers to see their structures being assembled and answering feasibility questions directly on the floor (ex: prototype).
  • Allowing Flexpipe project managers on the road or telecommuting to follow and answer questions about their projects.
  • Allowing employees in teleworking or during business trips to follow current activities, participate in production meetings, or do audits.
  • Exchanging more easily with partners and suppliers on technical issues.
  • Offering hands-on and dynamic training to clients.

Other possibilities of usage?

  • Assisting the maintenance team or helping remotely with machinery problems.
  • Doing different audits such as 5S audit or inventory checks.
  • Doing Gemba Walks, DMM, DMS when away from office.
  • Integrating employees who are very often remote (ex: oversea team).
  • Integrating employees with reduced mobility.

What is Flexpipe goal in it?

Flexpipe uses robots for its day-to-day operations, but Flepxipe is exploring the possibility of being a reseller and integrator of telepresence robots. Since November 2019, we are testing robots and exploring different mobile technology with different bot manufacturers in USA, France, and China.

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Printscreen view from telepresence robot