in the comfort of your home / office / sofa / bed / kitchen table …

Flexpipe is delighted to let you visit his Plant in the comfort of your home/office. The telepresence robot provides a revolutionary solution in overcoming the restrictions of the actual situation. Book your visit now!

The advantages of making a virtual visit

  1. You are considering buying pipes and joints? You will want to:– Visit our showroom
    – Learn more about our quality control
    – Discover all the services we can provide you with
    – Take a visit and meet people in every department
    – Discuss design, assembly, or delivery details with the experts!
  2. You are already a customer? You will want to:– Control your structures being assembled
    – Ask assemblers about feasibility questions directly on the floor (ex: prototype).
    – Ask technical questions to your project manager or your designer
    – Get virtual hands-on and dynamic training as if you were there
    –  Ask for some assembly tips directly with an expert
    – Exchange with us about technical issues

In addition to your visit, get a FREE ONE-ON-ONE WEB TRAINING!
The 30-45 minutes Web Session is intended to focus on a subject you may be having difficulty with. Whether it is a question regarding how to draw using the Flexpipe Creator Extension or perhaps how to install a specific part, we can arrange an online meeting to show you how.

Flexpipe telepresence robot
Flexpipe telepresence robot

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