Web training (FREE SESSION)

The Web Session is intended to focus on a subject you may be having difficulty with. Wether it is a question regarding how to draw using the Flexpipe Creator Extension or perhaps how to install a specific part, we can arrange an online meeting to show you how.


Here are some of the many subjects we can talk about during a 30 to 45 min web session:


  • Having trouble dowloading the Flexpipe Creator Extension? We canshow you how.
  • Learn to set up Sketch Up tools and parameters to design with Flexpipe Creator Extension.
  • Learn how to draw Flowracks, Racks, Workstations, Boards or Racks, you choose.


  • Learn about proper tools and space for a successful build.
  • Get step by step instructions on installing a specific part.
  • Well-thought structures are essential, learn all about ergonomics.

Or let us know what you are having trouble with and we’ll be glad to help you out!

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