What is the tensile strength of the Flexpipe joints?

When building a structure, it’s vital to ensure that each component is suited to the weight it will carry. To help you select the right metal joints, we have performed tests to measure their respective weight capacity accurately.

We assembled various joints and regular 1 mm pipes and tested them on an HD-619 tensile strength machine. The tests consisted of pulling until the metal joints pipe slipped. In this instance, the M-6 bolt torque was set to 10 Nm, and no additional self-tap screws were used.

Each joint and pipe combination is shown in the images below. Their corresponding weight capacity is in the chart, at the intersection of the joint’s part number and pipe identifier. The HD-619 machine has a tension testing limited to 440 pounds.

If you are unsure of which joints to choose for your structure, please contact your project manager. He will be more than happy to provide any information you might need.

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Julien Depelteau - Chief Sales Officer & President - Mexico & International