How quality control is conducted on stamping production

In keeping with its commitment to provide high-quality products to our customers, Flexpipe uses leading-edge quality control procedures. Learn more about these procedures by taking a quick tour of the component manufacturing process at Flexpipe.


Automatic metal joint fabrication process

Unlike other pipe and joint manufacturers that use a single-step or semi-automatic process, Flexpipe uses a fully automatic manufacturing process for metal joints to ensure product consistency. Also, our five automatic stamping machines can produce up to 100 000 metal joints per day. Major investments have been made in the last five years to create integrated and automated stamping lines.

Today, we are convinced that we have one of the best metal joint production lines in the world due to its substantial production capacity. As little human intervention is required to run these automated machines, we can reduce our production costs and offer more advantageous pricing to our customers.

Furthermore, having machines with a greater level of automation means there is less room for human error. As a result, our production line staff can focus on quality control.


Metal joints deburring

Before they are coated, all-metal joints are deburred with a particular piece of equipment independent from the stamping machines but are still integrated into the line. This mechanical deburring offers more consistent quality in terms of smoothness and removal of any sharp edges.


Metal joints quality control

To ensure straightness and tolerances, operators conduct hourly quality control with adapted jigs. Check out this video to see how it is done.

With that specific jigs, they can measure the space between connectors to ensure that every joint is identical.


Stamping molds

Over the last while, we have developed our expertise regarding manufacturing and repairing stamping molds. A team is now dedicated to this task full-time and has access to an impressive array of sophisticated equipment to carry out the job. Flexpipe has invested significant sums of money in this sector of its activities. Additional specialized staff members have been hired to meet the increasing demand.

Within the scope of their duties, the employees visually inspect all molds before starting production. After every 100 000 components are produced, a rigorous inspection is carried out. Also, a preventive maintenance program for stamping machines is applied with care.

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Julien Depelteau - Chief Sales Officer & President - Mexico & International