Can I use the Flexpipe system for ESD applications?

By selecting the proper component part number, you can use the pipe and joint system for ESD applications such as electronic assembly workstations, gravity flow racks, and carts. See which of the Flexpipe components has the Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) along with their respective Ohms per square resistance.


DescriptionPart NumberOhms
Stainless Steel PipeEP-96-ST10³ Ω
Black PE Coated PipeEP-96-BK10⁵  – 10⁸ Ω
Chrome Plated JointAll joint part numbers ending with “NP”10³ Ω
Zinc Plated Nuts and BoltsM6-NWZM6-25BWZM6-12BWZ10³ Ω
CastersEW-3ESBEW-4ESBEW-4EF10⁵ – 10⁸ Ω
Zinc Plated AccessoriesAll zinc accessories10³ Ω
Roller TracksR40 Series10⁶ – 10⁸ Ω



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