Here are some of our partners who help us offer you the best value!

This list of partners can be anything from a supplier, distributor, assembling company to the lean consultants we work with. If you are interested in working with us as a lean consultant, you can get in touch with us. If you want to see the add-on products that we supply, you can click here.


Quadrant 5C

Leslie Pickering and Mark Zeilinger from Quadrant 5C are two of the best lean manufacturing consultants we know. These gentlemen are leading a digital revolution in the printing and packaging industries as companies continue to buy new digital printing technologies and aren’t prepared to support such sophisticated machines. They use the Flexpipe system as a new tool for redesigning  production floor layouts in these industries. We cannot wait to see what they will do with Flexpipe next.

77 Van Ness Avenue
Suite 101 – 1555, San Francisco,
California, 94102, United States


The Createch Group

Createch is a Bell Canada company specialized in supply chain optimization and information technology solutions. The company improves the business processes of small and large corporations across Canada.

1, carrefour Alexander-Graham-Bell E4,
Verdun, Quebec,
H3E 3B3, Canada


Bojak Manufacturing

Bojak Manufacturing is a distributor of many products regarding the manufacturing industry and the Flexpipe system is one of them. This company has been using Flexpipe since July 2016 and they have built great structures so far. We always look forward to seeing what projects Bojak will accomplish with our material handling system.

107 Harvey Street
Kingston, Ontario
K7K 5C1, Canada


Osaap America

Osaap America is a Flexpipe supplier of custom foam amazing custom shadow boards made from foam and foam accessories. This company makes incredible products that are often used as add-on products to Flexpipe structures notably for workstations, racks, and boards.

10 Kidder Road Unit 4
Chelmsford, Maine,
01824, United States


Industrial Andons, LLC

Industrial Andons,LLC is a provider of lean manufacturing solutions. They help companies maintain better control over their manufacturing processes with the help of visual signalization, data gathering and analytics. The company uses Flexpipe products as a working base structure for their products.

172 Mallard Cove,
Austin, Texas
78737, United States