What is the tolerance of Flexpipe tubes and joints?

We take quality consistency very seriously at Flexpipe. Therefore, we put together these images to show you the different tolerance measures for the Flexpipe metal joints and standard 28mm tube.

Here are eight different figures that show multiple tolerance measures for the Flexpipe system.


The gap between metal joints

The inner circle of tolerance

The depth of the screw holes

The width of the screw holes

The depth of intubation

The portfolio size

1.0 mm tube tolerances

2.0 mm tube tolerances

Stainless steel tube tolerances

We hope these images answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact your project managers for more information about parts tolerances.

Julien Depelteau - Chief Executive Officer

Julien is Flexpipe’s president and co-founder. He came upon lean manufacturing in 2006 and launched Flexpipe in 2010. His mission since then has been to introduce the modular system to new markets by making it affordable and accessible.