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The help center can be used to answer most of your questions about Flexpipe’s material handling system.

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  • Flexpipe does not claim to meet state or local building code restrictions or regulations.  It is your responsibility  to contact your local building department to check if there are specific requirements, and you are responsible for any applicable permits and/or costs associated with such projects.

  • We do not recommend attempting to bend our Flexpipe pipes.

  • The tube and joint modular handling system was invented in Japan, and in order to maintain full compatibility with other modular systems, we produce the system with metric measurements. We offer a variety of conversion tools and charts to help facilitate the conversion. We try to supply as many Imperial measurements as we can as well. 

  • We sell two types of casters: Your design will determine if insert casters or bolt-on casters are necessary. Our casters range from 3 to 6 inches and each size has a different load capacity. Insert casters are generally used when the cart’s capacity is less than 300 pounds and are the easiest to install, they also do not require other hardware. Bolt-on casters are generally used when the cart’s capacity is above 300 pounds. When using Bolt-On casters it is important to order the necessary plates and bolts as well as making sure your design can accommodate this type of caster.

  • To learn how to assemble structures as well as other tips and tricks please refer to our How to Build section.

  • Manual method with pipe cutter:   The user rotates the manual pipe cutter around the pipe while snagging the blade against the pipe with each rotation. Within about 10 to12 revolutions, the blade pierces the coated pipe. 

    Powered method: Flexpipe may be cut with a chop saw, a band saw or an electric pipe cutter.

  • Flexpipe structures are built using common hand tools, such as a manual pipe cutter, tape measure, marking pen, 5mm Hex Allen wrench, deburring tool and mallet. No significant investment in tools is required to design and build Flexpipe structures. As your experience and usage grows, you may choose to add some power tools to make your job easier such as an electric saw or a drill.

  • Yes, you can download STEP format CAD files or SKETCH format CAD files here.

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